Win a Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Win a Sapphire & Diamond Ring

You can enter the Diamond & Sapphire Giveaway from TerNYC for your chance to win a custom made Sapphire and Diamond Ring valued at $945. Using an unruly and rebellious technique known as “cast in place”, 8 rich blue sapphires and dainty diamonds are set in such a way that the gold forms around the stones. Entry ends September 07, 2018.

  1. Hope to win this beautiful ring that happens to be my birthday stone.

  2. Since my birthday is Sept 3, this win would be fabulous!

  3. I would love to win this ring because I don’t have any nice jewelry thank you

  4. beautiful ring…thank you

  5. Wow! Beautiful ring.

  6. These are truly amazing and original designs.

  7. What a Glorious ring. I would be proud to wear it ! God Bless You for all you do. You are a true Blessing !

  8. Do I Have To Buy Anything Or Give My Personal Information Like Social Security Number, Income Information, Because I’m Not Into Giving Away My Info Like That! Your Quick Response Is Greatly Appreciated!

  9. Thank you

  10. Thank you for the chance to win!

  11. Pretty, petite look like you could wear on any finger.

  12. this is soooo beautiful…would love this for my is tight and her 15th bday is coming..please please please

  13. yes it look good

  14. What a Magnificent Ring. It is absolutely gorgeous ! Hope I win, God Bless You for what You Do 1 !

  15. Amazing prizes… What a Blessing ! God bless you for what you do !

  16. I would love to win this sapphire and diamond ring for my wife , her birthday is Sept. 7 and our wedding anniversary is Sept. 6

  17. This ring is AMAZING! I would proudly wear it!

  18. This is gorgeous it would be wonderful to wear as engagement ring

  19. for me !

  20. just beautiful !

  21. perfect gift !

  22. Thank you for the chance to win such a beautiful ring.

  23. Before I had to stop working due to an injury I used to buy my wife beautiful jewelry. She misses that.

  24. Really hope Joanna’s Santa cars cuz I need a an automobile bad and the other one I would use as a show car when be driven it be put up and shown at car shows

  25. I want to win the deal for NASCAR cuz I love NASCAR s my sport of all sports I want to come see NASCAR at Las Vegas please

  26. Good

  27. It is beautiful. I would keep it for my granddaughter.

  28. I want to know what it takes to win

  29. i never go anywhere! ineed to get out!!

  30. absolutely love this!!!

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