Win a Chevy Tahoe, Malibu or Silverado

Win a Chevy Tahoe, Malibu or Silverado

You can enter the Free Test Free Car Giveaway from Bridgestone by taking your car in for a battery test at a participating Firestone, Tires Plus, Hibden, Michel Tires or Wheel Works. Two people who have their battery tested will win their choice of a 2018 Chevy Silverado, Tahoe or Malibu valued up to $51,865. To enter, you must have a valid drivers license. Entry ends November 05, 2018.

  1. now this pick up would really do me some good as I take my old bat to the hospital every week for her mental evaluations so I would drop her off there then go hottie hunting down by the lake front.. what a rush…

  2. would be nice

  3. I would just feel blessed to have somethung that euns well and can get me where i need to go. I dont know when was the last time I had a decent running vehicle.

  4. I already know the battery is weak.
    The tires are legal for now.
    What ya expect for a 2001 tundra.
    I need a newer pickup but can not afford it.
    So how do I enter to win that new pickup??
    I am in Quincy,Ca be a 2 and half hour drive to go to them stores.
    Miles Carter Veteran 65-69 Vietnam/Cambodia

  5. vava Boom I love want it!

  6. i would really love to win this i have never won nothing

  7. This would be the the highlit of my life good luck marry xams

  8. What…I would be able to get of my 2004? lol

  9. Been wanting a truck. It is 1 of the things on my bucket list.Appreciate it..

  10. pick me please


  12. This is Great. I need to win.

  13. i already have a ugly house on my block having a new car will make it look good

  14. Lost my car in 2013 I’ve been walking ever since so tire of walking people ride by you in the rain I walk in the cold I walk in the heat I walk it’s so hard when you have problems with feet and legs. Please consider me thanks

  15. yes I woiuldlove it

  16. id love to win this car id take a trip to tx

  17. I have an 18 year old car. I would really like a truck that can pull a travel trailer.

  18. I would love to win this!!!!

  19. Don’t have a vehicle and would LOVE to win this!

  20. Winter is coming, could sure use this in the snow !

  21. Love to win

  22. Wow!! I have always wanted a Tahoe!!

  23. was in car accident sept.15.2018
    still recovering but this vehicle would make me feel safe and secure again. heard its a great ride and
    it would be a blessing.
    plus a great make.

  24. could use this one

  25. would be nice

  26. I wish I could enter but I don’t have a receipt and there aren’t any Interstate Battery stores near me!

  27. would be nice

  28. would love this

  29. I would love to win an auto or trucki haven’t had a cheve for a few years it is time eo go back to something I trust thanks

  30. Where is registry for the sweeps? d\for the prize

  31. a new tahoe would be good

  32. dreams do come true

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