Ellen’s 12 Days Sweepstakes: Win $12,000

Ellen's 12 Days Sweepstakes: Win $12,000

You can enter the 12 Days $12,000 Sweepstakes from the Ellen Shop for your chance to be the one lucky winner of $12,000. You can enter by simply signing up for the Ellen Shop email or by purchasing $40 or more at Ellen Shop. This large cash prize is going to make an awesome holiday gift for one lucky winner. Entry ends December 12, 2018.

  1. Would love to win…

  2. This would come in handy since my husband has health issues and he is in disability thanks for the chance good luck to everyone who has entered

  3. I’m 62,and would love to win this sweepstakes!! Good Luck to all! God bless!!

  4. Who wouldn’t want to win this. !!

  5. I would love to win so i can buy myself so much needed clothes that actually fit! thank you for this chance to win! love your show!

  6. would love to win to pay some bills and save some and do a little shopping for Christmas thank you

  7. please enter me in the sweepstakes. Thank you,love you and your show, watch you ever day

  8. A dream come true to win, thanks for the opportunity.

  9. I’m 62, my newlywed husband is 72, and we need the cash for house (which we bought when we married) improvements (re-carpeting, interior repainting, etc..)

  10. Love the prize. Crossing my fingers


  12. OMG..!!!!
    Yes PLEASE😁

  13. This would be so awesome! I’ve been waiting for a decision on my Disability case for 5 years (Domestic violence that resulted in a neck injury)….no income for 5 years, and no income=no Christmas 😞 My children are now 22 and 14 years old…and they are COMPLETELY understanding to the situation. I love you Damien and Taylor!!! Wish mama luck!!! 💥😊😬

  14. Would LOVE to win!!!!!

  15. I will enter but I never win.

  16. I would feel honored to win

  17. would really love to win

  18. Good luck to me. Fingers crossed

  19. I, like everyone else would love to win this money.Of course,right? Good luck to me!!

  20. Hope to win

  21. Hope to win

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