Win a Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Win a Samsung Galaxy Note 9

You can enter the Galaxy Note 9 Giveaway from Supcase for your chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Smartphone. Boasting a massive 4,000 mAh battery and a 512GB of storage, this new phone will be able to handle all your needs throughout the day without worrying about charging or storage. Entry ends August 24, 2018.

  1. Samsung note 9

  2. i am in

  3. would love to win this thank you

  4. To win this Galaxy Note would be a big help in my work

  5. I need great phone.

  6. I want this phone please send to my door step to my home in india.

  7. I want this phone

  8. I want to win the Galaxy 9 plus the cars bullet cars anything I can get to Publishers Clearing House with this one as well thank you

  9. my kindle is just about done and my neighbor has the samsung g..too much money for me but would really want one ty so much!

  10. Please enter me in the Samsung sweeps. I desperately need a new phone.

  11. Freebies please

  12. I unlike everyone else, earned it. Lol, but I did

  13. i love samsung

  14. don’t have a cell phone. would love this one. enter me. thanks.

  15. I would love to win The Samsung Galaxy Note 9, I need a phone that is dependable.

  16. To win this notebook would greatly help me in my studies

  17. Really need a new phone!!!

  18. Necessary for my work and helping to teach underprivileged children.

  19. Nono

    • I would love to win one. Someone stole my note 8 yesterday and would love to have a new one

  20. would love this. never win anything. enter me!!

  21. would love this. never win anything. enter me!!

  22. I’ve wanted a notebook for years just can’t afford one. Would love to WIN.

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