Win a Rambo R750XP Bike

Win a Rambo R750XP Bike

You can enter the TrueTimber Rides With Rambo Sweepstakes from TrueTimber for your chance to win a Rambo R750XP in Viper Western plus a $250 TrueTimber Gift Card. The total prize value is over $3,000. Entry ends September 17, 2018.

  1. Could sure use this bike to get to work and back

  2. Thanks

  3. awesome bike

  4. I love to travel!

  5. nice bike!

  6. Ide like to win the bike for my brother he love trail riding & bike racing he runs to I’m a handy cap cant do those thing any more a nice bike like that he’d love it

  7. Hi, I was in a serious auto accident (Mar 17th, 1986). I was hit by an uninsured drunk guy. I was in a COMA for 21 days. I have made a Awesome recovery, but I still need help biking. Have a great day. Thanks,
    Tim Hanson

  8. If I won this bike it would be a dream come true! I would probably donate my Raleigh and my Trek to a local nonprofit Organization. Thank you!

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