Win $16,000 from Ellen

Win $16,000 from Ellen

You can enter the Most Gifted Wrapper Contest from Ellen Tube for your chance to win $16,000. All you have to do is submit a photo of your beautifully wrapped holiday gift and tell them why you deserve to win the cash! You’ll also have a chance to be 1 of 5 winners of a gift from the 12 Days Of Giveaways or 1 of 12 winners of a $300 Visa gift card. Entry ends December 28, 2018.

  1. Oh wow Merry Christmas to me!

  2. Hi I am a Mom of 46 years old I have a 5 kids from 32 years old son and daughter of 30 years old and son of 28 and son of 26 and son of 23 grandkids 4 16 year’s old he was adopted out at 4 year’s old a grandson of 11 a granddaughter of 7 year’s old and a grandson of 2 year’s old I am disabled 7 cat crashing in my life so much pain it hurts to walk around sleep every night I love my family I am not married my 2 husband passed away .y 1st husband took a wife and her kids on abandoned his on so I have more than enough on my self to get done my son who loves your show was looking at it one day I said is she doing the Christmas gifts he said yes entry online so I don’t have much to give my family for Christmas only prayer and dollar store gifts I hope they are having a good Christmas with it mostly just gifts for my grandkids my daughter needs ear phones so I got them for her I guess I felt so sad all month not being able to make there Christmas holiday a happy one but I went to Church and realized that the best gift was God’s gave his on son so I can
    Be with him for everyone all he took our place so we can be with him in love for each person free gift is his love

  3. I’m there Ellen. Make my year please

  4. I can always use the Money.

  5. I can always use the money, so thank you.

  6. What an awesome prize ! Would love to win this great prize !

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