HGTV: Win $10,000 Cash

HGTV: Win $10,000 Cash

You can enter the Faces Of Design Sweepstakes from HGTV every day through September 27th for your chance to win $10,000 cash when you vote for your favorite design trend created by the country’s most talented designers. Entry ends September 27, 2018.

  1. I sure could use this prize as i badly need to fix my home and cannot afford it on my own.

  2. May luck be with me

  3. I could use the money to put down on a house

  4. I would love to win this but I never win anything

  5. I want it

  6. Love to win

  7. I have a very old TV , I need a new TV and l could really use the money for my bills. I am 60 years old living on a fixed income .

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  9. Still waiting

  10. This is great,Will be Awesome when I WIN

  11. I would love to win that money to pay all my bills off

  12. Cash is fun

  13. HGTV is awesome!!! Love the shows and enter contests.?


  15. I love cash

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  17. I can use that money to pay my medical bills off thank you God bless you

  18. Thanks for offering such a great prize!

  19. Where’s the money at.

  20. Need to repair back yard deck. This will help. Thanks
    Donna Truscott

  21. I would love to win this 10k to pay off my bills

  22. relaxed

  23. I would love to win the 10k , I could pay all my medical bills off

  24. Been watching all the design homes etc. All are beautiful, except I think it was Arizona. Dreadful the way the designer did the house. Mostly in black, some white. Did not look inviting at all. I was horrified at the colors! From walls,c ilings and floors.

  25. Help me.this will get my bills paid. Lol

  26. Help me. I need to win this money.

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  28. I could really use the money to pay for my bills I am on a fixed income and need Furniture

  29. I’d love to win a contest

  30. Id LOVE to win this

  31. What I could do with $10,000. Love all the designs

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